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Welcome to Good Karma Animal Rescue of MN! Please take your time to browse around and learn more about us! If you're interested in adoption, becoming a foster parent, donating, or lending a hand in any way, give us a shout - we'd love to hear from you. 

  ​Phoenix (RIP)

January 7 was a very sad day for Good Karma; the day we had to say goodbye to our sweet Phoenix. He came to us as a very sick and beaten down soul, and our director Lisa (who aptly named him Phoenix) took it upon herself to make sure he received all of the love and care that he needed.  It soon became clear that he was not adoptable, and Lisa and her family agreed that he was just where he belonged. She nursed him through two rounds of heartworm treatment only to discover another illness, and then another, and then another. Phoenix lived with the Booth family for a year and a half, and was not only loved, but adored by all who met him. He became a Good Karma mascot of sorts. Through all of his struggles, his spirit was always loving and goofy, and he was happy. Now, Phoenix waits on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge, where all pets go to await the arrival of their earthbound loved ones. Our Phoenix Memorial Fund has been established to help us fund future transports to southern shelters to save more lives, and to help defray costs for treating heartworm and other serious medical conditions. Rest in Peace, Phoenix. We love you.

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