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Good Karma works with a network of trusted partners throughout the Midwest and southern parts of the United States, where spay and neuter rates are low and euthanasia rates are high. We travel to the places where animals need rescue the most and bring these precious lives to MN, where we place them in loving foster homes, get them all the vet care they need, and make sure they are emotionally and physically healthy. 

Then, the magic happens. The dogs come out of their shells. They start showing their personalities. And a wonderful family comes along! We kiss them goodbye and send them off to their Happy Beginnings, and we start the process all over again!

To work tirelessly to provide the highest quality of physical and emotional care to the animals we rescue.

We achieve this by providing:

  • Safe harbor in carefully selected foster homes
  • Great vet care with local vet partners and specialists
  • Well-trained, enthusiastic and ethical volunteers working as a team
  • ​Best practices adoption process to ensure safe and loving environment

Launched in 2013, the idea behind Good Karma is simple, and something we hold true to every day. We place priority on high quality care and committed, ethical volunteers who are aligned with our mission. Yes, we want to save them all! But we will not make a commitment to a dog that we cannot truly help, and we won't cut corners on quality of care. 

We've forged our own path and driven our own transports to and from all over the south and Midwest, making countless trips and transporting our own animals to lessen the burden on the volunteer rescue transport system. In the wake of disasters in the southern United States, we mobilized in 2016 to flood-ravaged Louisiana in our trusty old Suburban and a borrowed SUV.  Again, in 2017 following Hurricane Harvey, Good Karma mobilized to the hardest-hit areas south of Houston, Rockport and Victoria TX. In every case, we delivered donated supplies to the people in these areas and built in extra days on the ground so that we could lend a hand and help out in any way we could.  

In 2018, for the first time since our inception 5 years ago, we have finally obtained administrative offices thanks to our generous friends at Northtown Mall and dedicated supporters. This is not a facility for housing animals or a facility that is open to the public. We do not have a physical shelter, kennel, or facility. Every Good Karma dog is living in a foster home. We are only able to save dogs when we have available foster homes. We will not place a dog in boarding or any other environment besides a private home. No exceptions. 

As a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization (EIN 46-1838121), Good Karma relies solely upon adoption fees, tax-deductible donations, and fundraisers to keep the rescue operating. We’re raising the rescue bar, and we’re so grateful for the support of our adopters, sponsors, and volunteers!

These values guide the way we engage with one another, our shelter partners, and our communities:

  • Animals first. We are inspired by the animals we rescue—we reflect their resiliency, courage and love in everything we do.
  • Tune In. Every dog has a story to tell, if we just know how to listen. We listen with compassion, empathy, and patience.
  • Own outcomes. We are accountable for providing extraordinary care to the animals entrusted to us. Tireless in our pursuit of quality care, we never stop learning or improving.
  • Join together. We are an interdependent team of volunteers that respect each person's contributions; we are stronger when teamed with others -- families, community and one another. We can't do it alone.
  • Be remarkable. We are redefining "rescue"; raising the bar, continually learning, and going beyond what's expected. After all, these animals are counting on us.