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​The decision to become a foster parent isn't one that should be taken lightly! Committing to foster an animal is a serious commitment to the animal's life you are saving. It's a commitment to a sentient being with feelings; a commitment to keeping the animal safe and provide loving and compassionate care until adoption. And it's also a commitment to communicate.

The dogs in our care deserve only the best, and we take our promise to take care of them pretty seriously. We want our foster parents to take their commitments seriously too. Good Karma is ONLY as strong as the commitment level of our foster families!! So, review all of the FAQ's on this page and if you feel ready, complete an application and we will be in touch with you very soon! PLEASE NOTE - AT THIS TIME, WE ARE ONLY ABLE TO WORK WITH FOSTER HOMES LOCATED IN TWIN CITIES METRO AREA, MN. 

Before you take the plunge and complete your Foster Parent Application, please take some time and review our FAQ's below! 

foster parent faq's

What can I expect when I apply to become a Good Karma Foster Parent? 

When we receive your application, the first thing we will do is screen your answers to make sure that your household is a good match for fostering. We check veterinary references if applicable, we check landlord references and/or property records, and we evaluate your replies to determine if you are aligned with our mission.

After the initial screening, we will contact you with more information about our rescue, as well as a Fostering Handbook for you to review. Once you’ve reviewed the handbook, we will set up an in-home visit and interview with you to answer any questions you may have and chat with you about fostering. Once your  interview is complete, we will set you up to receive your first Good Karma foster dog!​

Where do the dogs come from?

Most of the dogs in our rescue come to us from high-kill or high-stress shelters, and they need out as soon as possible. We network with reputable shelters throughout the South and Midwest and arrange for the dogs to come to MN, where we bring them into foster homes and provide them with all the care they need before they get adopted.

How long will I have my foster dog?

Signing up to be a foster parent is a commitment to keeping your foster dog until an adoptive home is found. Unfortunately, we cannot predict how long this will take but it will be at least two weeks (we require all foster dogs stay with us for a minimum of 14 days before adoption). If you can only foster for a specific period of time, please be certain to let us know BEFORE you commit to fostering a Good Karma dog.

Can I adopt my foster dog/ do you have a foster-to-adopt option?

Yes, some of our foster parents do end up adopting their foster dogs if we all agree that it is a good fit. However, if your intention is to adopt from the very beginning, PLEASE ADVISE US that you are looking to adopt. Good Karma invests extensive time and resources working with our foster parents, providing them with supplies and training, and educating them. We’d rather know that you are “on the market” for a new pet from the onset.

Good Karma does NOT offer a foster-to-adopt option. We take fostering and adoption commitments very seriously, and we do not offer a “try-before-you-adopt” program. 

I don’t have a fence/ I live in an apartment/ I work all day. Can I still be a foster parent?

Yes, yes, and yes. Many of our foster parents have these identical circumstances! Not all dogs may fit your particular circumstances, but there are plenty of dogs who need to be saved, and we will find one that will be suited to your situation!  

How does a foster dog get assigned to me?

When you become a Good Karma foster parent, you choose the dogs that you’d like to foster.  On our foster parent application, you can specify criteria including age, weight, or other specific qualities that you need in a foster dog. While we are dedicated to saving dogs who need us most, we will do our best to find dogs that fit within your guidelines. It’s important to realize that we are here to save dogs, plain and simple. If your criteria is very narrow or very particular, there’s a chance that fostering is not a good fit for you.

Can I choose to foster ONLY housetrained or crate trained dogs?

We can never guarantee the house-training or crate-trained status of a dog. In fact, we can almost guarantee that dogs coming to us from shelters, are NOT housetrained. We get lucky quite a bit! But if you simply must have a housetrained foster dog, you shouldn’t apply to become a foster parent. Accidents can and will happen.

​What if I sign up and I realize fostering isn't for me? 

​Fostering isn’t for everyone. However, we do ask that you honor your commitment and see your foster dog through to adoption (barring extreme aggression or dangerous circumstances). We are a small and very interdependent team, and we are only as strong as the commitment level of our volunteers. Rescue is very rewarding, the dogs are amazing, the people are great, and it can be very self-fulfilling. But make no mistake - it's serious business and lives depend on us. Making accommodations because a foster parent can't fulfill their commitment creates a domino effect that has a negative impact on your fellow volunteers, the dog who is being put through moving and more changes, ultimately resulting in another dog who won’t make it out of the shelter. ​​​