Calling all gift-card hoarders! You know who you are! We figure, you’re probably REALLY tough to buy for, so when holidays and gift-giving occasions arise, your well-meaning friends and families wrack their brains for the perfect gift for you! When they can’t come up with anything, or perhaps in a moment of desperation, they give you…you know the rest…gift cards. 

Except that restaurant isn't close to you, you don't have that theater in your town, that gas station is all the way across town, or you don't like that store. Whatever the reason, those gift cards are in your junk drawer. Stashed inside the old coffee cup that you never use. The console in your car. The bottom of your purse. Or perhaps, pristinely tucked into your wallet behind all the other cards that you DO use. 

We’re right, huh? Well, check this out. Your trash might just be our treasure. We’re always planning fundraisers and auctions, and Gift Cards are always big draws. Why not gather your gift card hoard and send it to Good Karma? We’ll raise money with it, and that money will help dogs. So, if you REALLY think about it, your well-meaning friends and relatives got you the most thoughtful gift of all – the ability to help save some dogs! How cool is that?!? 

We’d love your unused gift cards for just about anything. Put them in an envelope and drop them in the mail to us. AND! And, your donation is tax deductible! If you want a tax receipt, send a note with your gift cards asking for one! Turn those unused cards into a tax deduction AND a good deed! Good Karma, yes? Flood our mailbox with some love! 

Good Karma Animal Rescue of MN
PO Box 21172
Eagan, MN 55121

Gift Card Roundup

Gift Card Roundup