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We simply cannot do what we do, without you. As a private non-profit organization, our only sources of funding are adoption fees, fundraisers, and donations. We do not receive any federal or state funding or subsidies, so we rely on the generosity of good people who believe in our mission. Adoption fees don't even scratch the surface when it comes to veterinary expenses and other costs. Join the #GoodKarmaArmy by becoming a monthly sustaining donor! 

In 2017, Good Karma spent an average of $437 on every dog in our rescue. This is an average approximately $12.50 a day per dog. This number includes food, veterinary care, medications, transport, and other dog-related supplies. $12.50! Such a small amount of money for most of us, but EVERYTHING to a dog in rescue. 

​Choose from the following options and help Good Karma keep doing what we do! Good Karma is a 501(c)(3) organization, Federal EIN 46-1838121, so your donations are tax deductible. Please help us continue this life-saving work! We promise, your karma points will skyrocket with your monthly gift! 

​$12.50/month: This amount will support one dog for one day in rescue.
$25/month:  This amount will cover preventatives for one dog for one month.  
$50/month: This amount will cover all intake medications (preventatives, dewormers, etc).  for one dog.
$100/month:  This amount will provide intake medications and preventatives for two dogs every month. 
$250/month:  This amount will provide all veterinary needs for a healthy dog in rescue! It will cover spay/neuter, vaccines, and microchipping. You'll also receive one photo per month of a dog you have helped support! 

$437/month: This is our average entire cost for a healthy dog in rescue. Your gift will save one life a month, and you'll receive a photo and message about the dog you saved. 

CORPORATE PARTNERSHIPS: If you have or work for a generous, animal loving company who would like to support Good Karma's efforts, please contact Lisa Booth: 

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