hurricane harvey

August 28, 2017 - We have decided to mobilize. Plans are in place for the first of many rescue runs to Southern Texas. 

​This isn't new to us. In 2016, we traveled to Louisiana several times and rescued over 150 animals. This is what we do. We mobilize and go where we can help the most. 

​The NorthStar to LoneStar Project begins with an initial trip to the affected areas. Our travel team will deliver supplies to the area and return with dogs to bring into rescue. The first run of dogs will be arriving to MN on September 13. Future runs will follow in the very near future, and we plan to continue rescuing Texas dogs until they tell us they don't need us any longer. 

WE ARE NOT EVACUATING ANY ANIMALS THAT WERE DISPLACED BY HARVEY. We are rescuing dogs that were in the shelters looking for homes BEFORE the storms hit. By rescuing THESE dogs, we are making room in the shelters for animals who ARE displaced by Harvey, in hopes that they will be reunited with their families.


1. Right now, we're asking for your patience. We've been overwhelmed with the kindness of our Good Karma Army, and the offers of help are too much for us to keep up with! We will reply to your emails and offers as soon as we can! 

2. If you'd like to do something NOW, you can donate to help us offset the transport and veterinary costs that will arise.  

3.  If you live in the Twin Cities metro area and would like to foster an animal, you can apply here. Again, please be patient as we are managing a large number of applications at this time. 

4. Adopt, don't shop. Every animal adopted, opens up a space in our foster home to save another! 

Northstar to lonestar project