K9's for Kids!

What is Good Karma's K9's for Kids?

K9’s for Kids – Pick of the litter! 
Favorite pastimes: Being cute and cuddly
Breed: Varies 
Approximately 5-6” tall 
Good with dogs? They are quite submissive and some dogs may chew them  :/ 
Good with cats? See above note about dogs  :D 
Good with kids? Yes 
Crate trained? Yep!
House Trained? Yep!
Shedding amount: None!
Adoption Fee: $20 plus shipping

Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles! Do you have little ones in your life begging for a puppy of their very own? We know, you’re just not up for the housetraining and chewing and cleaning up, right? K9’s for Kids are GUARANTEED to be housetrained and crate trained. They love to travel in the car. They don’t bark and disturb the neighbors. They don’t dig holes in the yard. Looking for a furry friend for your little ones? Look no further! Your K9 for Kids will come with a colored ribbon collar AND an adoption certificate! Support Good Karma and teach the little ones about adoption at the same time!

Complete your “adoption application” here! http://tinyurl.com/K9sforKids