Phoenix was an American Bulldog who was scheduled for euthanasia in a Houston-area shelter when we learned about him. He was emaciated and suffering from multiple conditions ranging from malnutrition to mange, skin infections, and high heartworm. 

He came to rescue weighing 44 lbs and over the next 18 months, he gained weight, grew his fur back, and weighed in at a strapping 88 pounds. Because he was always ill, he was never "adoptable", so he lived with our Director and became Good Karma's unofficial mascot. Through all of his medical treatments, discomfort, and pain, he was truly the most beautiful dog inside and out. Phoenix exuded a happiness that is impossible to describe, and he brought joy to everyone around him just by merely being present. Sadly his health issues were too much to overcome and he crossed the Rainbow Bridge on January 7, 2016, leaving a hole in his momma's heart that will never be filled. We are so grateful that we had the chance to save Phoenix, and that we were lucky enough that he chose US to save, too. 

Phoenix was worth saving. Every life is worth saving, and we will put these funds to good use. Check back often for updates of new arrivals or ongoing medical cases that we are helping. 

Grant: A poodle mix who requires dental extractions and descaling after senior bloodwork is performed.

Queenie: Our sweet girl arrived to rescue with several masses on her body. After extensive testing and medication therapy, sadly there was nothing we could do to save her. We made the heartbreaking decision to let her cross the rainbow bridge, but not before her foster parents adopted her so she would have a last name and a family. Rest in paradise, pretty girl.  

Phoenix memorial fund

Phoenix Fund

Missy: A super-senior dachshund girl who deserves better than to end up in a shelter during her golden years. Missy was struggling with elevated liver enzymes and other age-related issues, and after weeks of intensive treatment, she found a wonderful adopter. 

Ariel: Originally thought to have cerebellar hypoplasia, we sadly discovered that Ariel had very little brain matter and fluid on the brain. With no chance of recovery or quality of life, we let her peacefully cross the rainbow bridge. Rest in paradise, sweet baby.  

rest in paradise

Jasper: A sweet, sensitive older terrier mix,  Jasper came to Good Karma because seniors don't belong in shelters. Upon arrival, Jasper became very ill with an aggressive respiratory infection that has required weeks of monitoring, medications, and follow up visits. Full recovery and adopted!

The Phoenix Fund is in place to help us to save more of the "unadoptable" dogs; dogs who don't stand a chance and have been written off. If we're doing our jobs right, you'll see a lot of seniors, heartworm positive dogs, and other medical cases on this page. We never want to turn a blind eye to the dogs who need rescue most. These dogs matter to us, and they deserve the best we can give them. Funds raised will help us treat the dogs we rescue who have intensive medical needs. To help us by donating to this important work, click the blue box. Your donation will be designated and directed straight to this fund. To read about Phoenix, scroll down to the bottom of the page. 

Your donations helped us get these dogs, and countless others,  the medical care they need and deserve.

Donate to our Phoenix Fund

Donate to our Phoenix Fund

PAST medical cases

Ned: This awesome little senior French Bulldog found himself in the shelter, heartworm positive and confused about why he was there. He's now living in a cushy Good Karma foster home while he receives his heartworm treatment. As with all of our seniors, complete blood panels are performed before any aggressive veterinary measures are taken. Ned experienced a full recovery and found a wonderful family!

Duffy and Chase: A bonded pair of senior chihuahuas with advanced, terminal cases of heartworm disease, abandoned in a shelter to die.  They are Good Karma's very first hospice dogs, living well and thriving at the home of our director. The require regular medications and special care. 

Phoenix's Story

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