Good Karma gets many of our dogs into rescue from southern shelters. Why? Because dogs, just like humans, deserve a chance to live a happy life no matter where they come from. We rescue the dogs that we know we can help. We rescue dogs that we know will have committed foster homes, and dogs that we know we can offer the support they need - physically and emotionally. Many dogs in the southern states can languish in shelters, while in our animal-adoring state, they will find wonderful homes and thrive. 

OK so now you got that part. You know the WHY, but here's the how. A lesson in Rescue Transport 101: 

  • Every MN rescue who gets dogs from out-of-state also works with a transport system to get the dogs here. Most of these transports are driven by dedicated, hard-working VOLUNTEERS who sacrifice their weekends, their vehicles, and their wallets to move these dogs north. LARGE numbers of dogs head to MN every week! These transport drivers work together like a well-oiled machine, driving "legs" and handing off the pups from one vehicle to the next. Several legs and several drivers later, the dogs arrive in MN. It's a great system, right? Yes. It is fantastic and we LOVE transport drivers! However, the downside is that the shelters are so packed, that these transport runs fill quickly, weeks in advance. So, rescuing a dog and waiting for transport means the dog may still languish in the shelter for several more weeks. And, that's not okay with us. Dogs who are in the shelter for too long can literally lose their minds and their lives. Additionally, many hand-offs create many opportunities for flight risk and travel-related stress for the animals. 

Enter the Rescue Rover.
We knew the system wasn't perfect. We decided that we had some responsibility to do BETTER. So we set out to make a difference.  To REDUCE shelter time for these dogs, and to REDUCE stress on the shelter who has to house dogs waiting for transport for sometimes several weeks. To FREE up some space on the volunteer transport system so that these dogs waiting to go to other rescues, could get onto transport. And sadly, to FREE up that space more quickly in the shelter, so that when the next dogs in need show up, that shelter won't have to euthanize for space.  And that's exactly what we are doing. 

So to summarize: We drive our Rescue Rover south 1-2 times per month. We load her up and in doing so, we save dozens of dogs with each trip and ultimately save countless dogs from euthanasia. Because that's just Good Karma. And we'd love your help. 

Each run costs the rescue approximately $400 - $450.  At two runs a month, you can see how that adds up. In order to keep this program running, we need help! Sponsor our rescue run and help us move dozens of dogs a month to their safe and loving foster homes!! HIGH IMPACT DONATION? You BET! For every dog WE move, another dog can make it onto transport to other rescues...freeing up TWO spots in the shelter for the dogs who need help. Every dog we transport = FOUR lives saved!

how to help

Sponsor a Rescue Run

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Sponsor a Rescue Run

Sponsor a Rescue Run

Click the Donate button below, and your donation will be designated JUST for this purpose. You can make a one-time donation of any amount , you can sponsor an entire rescue run for $400, or you can even set up a monthly recurring donation to help us offset our costs of every trip! 

If you sponsor an entire rescue run ($400 donation), we will name the run after you or someone you designate, thank you publicly on all of our social media pages, and send you a gift too! (even if you prefer to remain anonymous, you'll still get a gift - that's just how we roll).

Our Rescue Rover Babs (2002 Chevy Suburban with almost 250K miles on it!) makes a long journey to southern shelters 1-2 times per month, bringing back as many dogs as we can fit! This rescue effort not only helps us get the dogs out of the shelters sooner; it also helps OTHER RESCUES by freeing up an overburdened volunteer transport system, leaving more space for other dogs to get to other rescues. ​