We are always in need of supplies! For a current list of our highest priority items, check out our Amazon Wish List! Click below to get started, and any items you purchase will be sent directly to us! Your donations are tax-deductible. 

Wish List

  • Gift cards. We will happily accept unused gift cards for ANYTHING! 
  • New Electronics/Gift Baskets/fill in the blank!: We are continually planning our next auction, raffle, or fundraiser! If you have an item you'd like to donate for us to raffle or auction off, please contact lisa@goodkarmamn.org! 
  • Industrial, dog-friendly space: Yes, it's an odd request! We are desperately seeking a space to move into! Ideal space would be located in Osseo, Maple Grove, Brooklyn Park MN and would be a combination drive-in warehouse/small office. Animals WILL NOT be housed there, EVER! However, we would like to use the space for training and dog photo shoots! Ideas? Can you help? Email lisa@goodkarmamn.org

other wishes

Amazon Wish List